Catherine Shaw, Bespoke Wedding Dress Designer, The Overspill,
4 Coopers Yard, Crystal Palace, London, SE19 1TN


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beautiful silk corset wedding dress by Catherine Shaw  

This lovely corset was made for Charlotte’s wedding in January.  We had a lead time of about 8 weeks to sort out the perfect outfit for Charlotte, who had recently had a baby. It was important to have a front opening in the outfit and to be able to wear it again.  We looked at several vintage frocks but nothing fitted all the criteria needed. Charlotte owned a beautiful olive green crushed silk skirt so I made a corset to go with this. Handmade bobbin lace given by her Father was used to trim and embellish the corset. I made a detachable bustle for the wedding, as this gave a very sumptuous and grand effect for the day. Once the bustle is removed the corset can be worn in a more relaxed way either with the same skirt or something different.

beautiful, embellished corset and bustle   beautiful silk corset wedding dress from the side